Sunday, April 22, 2012

Les Miserable Lansing Trip

For the FIRST time EVER, since our honeymoon, Shane and I took a trip ALONE!! No children, excluding the one in my belly:).  Dad and Mom gave us tickets to see the Broadway Les Miserable performance at MSU in Lansing, MI.  We had a great time. I was only a few days, but it was wonderful! 

This is our first adventure- the MSU planetarium.  I love that kind of it was  nice something to do.
 The next day before the play we toured a museum.  Fun fun.  We also went to the MSU creamery...YUM.  No pictures of that.

 Had a nice walk in the botanical garden's. 

We definitely can't wait 9 years before we do this again!  It was very refreshing.  We didn't have one little squabble!!  Loved it!!


Ali said...

YAY for a wonderful trip without any squabbles!!! LOVE IT. Love you. Can't wait to meet little P. Oh I shall call him that because I call Perris P! Now we'll ahve 3 P's in the family! That's not common!!!

Hart Family said...

Who is the third P? PapaDad?