Sunday, March 8, 2009


Cute picture of our Brin, who registers for Kindergarten this week! Ahh- how is she growing up so fast?
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Birthday Boy....

We had a birthday party a week earlier at Mom and Dad Whicker's. We were cowboys and girls:) It was nice to have everyone around- even Great Grandma and Grandpa Whicker, and Ali and Perris were there. Lots of fun!

Our little guy really turned two on Friday! It started out with flax seed buttermilk pancakes, flipped by the Birthday Boy himself.

The day was fun of activity. Brinly's little preschool group had a fun tour of Krispy Kreme- Cade came with and they both enjoyed themseves thoroughly.

Last but not least we went the mall, had dinner at Red Robin (complete with free almost entierly free meal and sundae's courtesy of the Red Robin Birthday club). As you can see Cade was happy with the meal:)
Following the meal, we went to Build-a-Bear. Cade chose a puppy dog and named him Doggie. It was fun to have an interactive activity!
He is filling the bear here (with the help of the worker) by pushing the foot pedal.

Then he added the heart.And gave it a bath! (combed the fuzz off). Pretty fun day! We sure are glad he entered our family 2 years ago. He is a happy, happy boy full of light and joy. We love him!

My little Sista!

So, my little sister is engaged! Exciting!! This is the picture I got of them in their "planning" stages at Mom and Dad's. It was fun to watch them make plans and brought back a TON of memories. Oh, the days of planning a wedding...
Her fiance Perris seems like a really nice guy...SO similar to Shane in humor and lack of seriousness personality:). They seem really happy together. We look forward to their wedding on June 6th!
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