Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa Came Early

Since we were not going to be around for Christmas day, we informed Santa and he came a week early:).  He even sent us a letter from the North Pole!

 We opened the traditional pajama gifts the night before.
 The morning of, the kids could hardly stay behind the "do-not-cross" line.  (Shane hates that I'm so controlling on Christmas morning).
 Cade basking in his Lego Santa gifts.
 Adelle, trying not to be overwhelmed. 
 Brinly, diving right into her gifts. 
 Cade and Shane building memories together:).
 Opening of family gifts.
This is Brinly's Christmas concert at her school.  I LOVE this photo because she is literally singing her heart out!  It is so apparent from her expression, she LOVES to sing.  She sings all the time and has informed me she is going to be a rock star when she grows up.  After all, she wants to be just like her aunt Lyndsey....who sings beautifully. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Two for Two

profile; head center (black circle eye); body curled up right side

Boy proof:)

side view - head on right; leg/knee on left; ambilical cord center

Baby #4 laying on back- head/profile in center (rt- forhead; lft- chin)

Well, we were able to take a little peek at our little babers! This little GUY, seems to be healthy and well. This makes it much more real and exciting. Here are a few pictures of his first pictures.

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