Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break

We have really enjoyed living here in rural life.  In our backyard, we have a forest, and Shane and the kids built this fort.  They had so much fun and have continued to have fun with this great hid-a-way.  Shane took most of the week off to spend with the kids, and it was awesome. 
 Just look at their faces!  Pure joy. 
 We went to a "Spring Break" day that is sponsored by the local "Optimist Club" (gives you a little indication of what our community is like).  They had all kinds of kids games, food, and prizes.  The kids has a great time. 
 Brinly concentrating on one of the games.
 Cade doing the same.
 The kids all won baseball gloves and balls!  They were used, but heck, I thought they were awesome.  They've enjoyed playing with them and I'm anxious to get out there with them, once I can move a bit faster:).  My little baseball team...

Les Miserable Lansing Trip

For the FIRST time EVER, since our honeymoon, Shane and I took a trip ALONE!! No children, excluding the one in my belly:).  Dad and Mom gave us tickets to see the Broadway Les Miserable performance at MSU in Lansing, MI.  We had a great time. I was only a few days, but it was wonderful! 

This is our first adventure- the MSU planetarium.  I love that kind of it was  nice something to do.
 The next day before the play we toured a museum.  Fun fun.  We also went to the MSU creamery...YUM.  No pictures of that.

 Had a nice walk in the botanical garden's. 

We definitely can't wait 9 years before we do this again!  It was very refreshing.  We didn't have one little squabble!!  Loved it!!

Easter Eggcitment

Easter is such a wonderful holiday, that I feel gets overlooked sometimes.  I actually enjoy the simplicity of it that allows us to really ponder it's meaning.  The love of our Savior is immense and wonderful. 
We had a lovely Easter.  Simpler than some, but enough for us.  The kids enjoyed waking up to their Easter baskets- googies, new duds, and a few homemade toys. 
 All my cute kids in their new outfits.  Look at that love!
 Easter dinner.  Man, I'm HUGE.   Please don't judge:)  I was 36 weeks prego...this was three weeks ago...LARGE is all around:). 
 We had our Easter egg hunt for Family Home Evening on Monday night.  The kids had a blast.  It was quite chilly though. 
 To make it more exciting, Cade decided to split his eye open following the egg hunt.  He was goofing around (VERY unusual-ha!) and hit his head on the little rocking chair in the front room.  It was a mess.  Fortunately, Shane was home...otherwise I would have definitely made an ER trip.  Shane had some surgical tape, so he just taped it up and it's healed nicely now. Boys will be boys!!
 Final bandage:)  Ha, ha...makes me laugh just thinking about it!  Shane used co-ban to keep the gauze on.  Cade loved it.