Thursday, July 26, 2007

Four Years and still runnin'!

Today was our 4th wedding anniversary! Yep, we are American made and still running strong:) Thanks to all those contributing to our success.

Las Vegas, here we are...

Las Vegas, with it's incredible heat, is becoming a home. We are enjoying our new home full of fans, though it is lacking greenery inside and out. We miss the green!
This week Brinly stopped asking me when we were going home. She is beginning to realize, this is our new home. She has asked when can we go play with Matilida or when can we go swimming with Matilida...but other than that she is adjusting well.
Cade is rolling over and becoming a little cranky with his aggravating teeth. The bottom right one has broken through, while the left one is still making it's way. Poor guy. But he is still a smiley little guy!
As for Shane, he is into his program neck deep. It is going well. First exam is Friday! He's nervous to say the least.
We miss Harrisonburg!