Monday, January 16, 2012

Christmas Whicker Reunion 2011

Our Christmas adventure began on Christmas Eve, as we flew from Flint, MI to Las Vegas, Nevada.  It was an early start, as we are 4 hours away from any major aiport:).  It was rather eventless, fortunately, and the kids were stoked about flying in an airplane and seeing their cousins and grandparents.  We had a good time getting there, and even more fun once we arrived!
 As usual, my parents and Katie drove the 2 hours to pick us up at the noisy LV airport.  It was late, and we were all tired- we managed to make it to St. George with all our luggage, minus one backpack:( (we did retrieve it later in the trip, thankfully). 
 Great Grandma and Grandpa Whicker joined the festivities for Christmas.  It was crowded most of the time, but it was wonderful to be surrounded by family.  Wish we could have enjoyed it even more!
 Cade and Tyler enjoyed each other's company!  Tyler only has Cade and now Wade for male association in the cousin they took full advantage of their time together.  This is Christmas Day.
 Beautiful Jami with little month old Ruby.  She was trooper.  It couldn't have been easy getting ready for Christmas, let alone traveling with such a little bundle.  It was great meeting little Ruby...she's a doll. 
 This is what the seating arrangements often looked like with all of us there...and this is just one side of the room:).  This is the "opening" of gifts on Christmas day.  It was pretty crazy, but fun nonetheless. 
 Here is another perspective...
 Uncle Perris being loved by his oldest nieces.  Yes, they love him. 
 Obviously, I'm a little worn is Adelle.  Nothing like a good recliner on a Christmas afternoon.
 Dad. enjoying the same recliner (his, I might add), with his oldest granddaughters.   They like to cuddle and love the men in their lives!
 Love this picture.  Adelle had to get in on the action as well.
 His grandson's enjoy him just as much, but I don't have any good pictures.  As, do they all love their grandmother as well, who provided MANY fun game days- full of bingo and wonderful prizes (which are still being enjoyed almost 5 months later). 

Dad took the kids up in his plane a couple of times.  This is a picture of the plane above mom and dad's house- Cade, Adelle, and Audrie all were with him.  I wish we had pictures of them in the plane, but I didn't go b/c of pregnancy, and Shane was sick (3x's he got sick on this trip!!). 
 Shane did get his gaming in this trip though.  They had fun playing several games...I can't remember what this one is called, but they had fun.
 We traveled up and down the state making visits.  We didn't get too many pictures, but this is what I have. 

Jami's in-laws house (they live in the basement).  We were actually there for Ruby's baby blessing.  It was a great gathering, with lots of family.  It was nice to be apart of the experience.
 We made it to Logan for an afternoon.  It was a really super quick trip, but we did get to see Grandma and Tamra.  I thought this was a nice picture of me and Grandma.  Love her.
 The kids and their Great Grandma Stones.  Pretty special....these pictures don't come too often.
 Wish I had gotten some with great Grandma and Grandpa Whicker too....
 In the LV airport on the way home (this is out of order).  That trip was much more eventful, UNfortunately.  We were bumped flights 7 times before we actually got on a plane!  It made for a terribly long day and a cranky momma and Adelle.  By the last leg of the flight Adelle was screaming, literally, and I wasn't too polite to the flight attendant who was giving us grief.  Still feel upset about that!

 Back to our trip...
We had a photo shoot.  I'm a little embarrassed about this day- I was a little over the top emotional.  It should have been a good memory, but I ruined it with my prego hormones.  Sorry!  Wish I could redo that day.  It started out good:)
 We also made it to Kathy and Scotts' for a few days and to Troy and Becca's for another day- but we didn't take ANY photos!  Bummer.  They were all wonderful hosts, and we are grateful for their efforts on our behalf. 

We went to a church children's exhibit with Kathy and kids.  We had a good time with all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New year!