Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to School Continued

We made it to the class room, lined up outside and her day as a kindergartner officially began. She later commented on the backpack in frint if her. It was pink. It had princesses. It was coveted.

In line waiting to go in.

Captured by her teacher's enthusiastic welcome. BTW, when we met her teacher a few weeks earlier, Brinly was overcome by her beautifully BIG hair...she now wants curly hair just like hers.

My baby girl, all grown up. I remember MY first day of kindergarten, how can she be starting hers? It is so hard to believe that she is entering the real world... so innocent. The reality of her not being mine, but Heavenly Father's really hit today. I love her and miss her already! BUT progress...that is what life is about...progress.

Brinly's First Day at School

Brinly started the grand excursion of formal education today....Kindergarten. She was excited to say the least. No tears, hardly even a goodbye. She was thrilled. She took the bus to school and though she had no idea how to get to her classroom she followed the crowd looking and acting as she did! I had to run to catch up with her to show her the right direction.

Before school with brother. He was quite disappointed that he wasn't able to accompany her on the bus.

Brinly cheesing before school.
At the bus stop, Brinly walked up to the other kids, without reserve. Mind you, she said nothing, but looked on as if she was telepathically having a conversation with the other children:) More telepathic conversing. Then, she boarded the bus without hesitation. She didn't look back, not even a wave...and she was step towards her ever-growing independence.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adorable Four Eyes

Can you believe how cute she looks!?! Our little Brin has a slight astigmatism (did you know that is how it is spelled? either), so was suggested to get some glasses. I think she looks so great. Of course, she chose PINK frames (though, very subtle). Anyway, I had to show her off...she'll be all ready for Kindergarten on Monday!! Yippee.

We had a family eye appointment today. Shane and I have 20/20 vision...great! Though I have to say, having the dilated exam done isn't exactly my favorite!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Brinly's Bday

Brinly's birthday was celebrated several times, this was the friend celebration with her good friend Zoe. They had fun with their "doll" cakes.

More Adelle smiles!

This is my favorite open mouth smile:)! So great. She has even let out a few giggles here and there.

More Pigeon Fun

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Latest

We had a fun outing this week to Sunset Park and fed the ducks our leftover bread from the class I taught for RS on bread (I had WAY too much bread!). Cade and Brinly LOVED feeding the ducks, and Cade loved to feed the pigeons, which I believe is actually illegal here.
Adelle is smiling up a storm! She has been really cute socially- she is interacting really well and even rolling over now (from back to tummy). She has been a joy. She still isn't sleeping super well, but is doing better than the first 6 weeks.
Cade is still smoothering his little sister. He will come up to her and say "I love my sister." with a cheesy smile, as shown here.