Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Five Years and Goin' STRONG!

We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last weekend. This adventure has been wonderful. I couldn't have asked for a more devoted, sensitive, ambitious, loving, kind, dedicated, hard working, spiritual, thoughtful, and just plan AMAZING husband! And I know how cliche it is, but I honestly love him so much more today than at the beginning of our road together. I LOVE our life together!

This is us on our 5th anniversary date...nice nasal shot. Oh well, it's the only one we got documenting our celebration.

Cade the Cutie

I thought I'd better redeem Cade's cuteness after the "Little Boy Curse". He is just plan adorable! This video allows all to see that:)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Daddy's Little Girl

Shane made this great slideshow for Brinly's birthday next month. He made a condensed version to share with everyone. It fills me with joy to watch my little girl grow up. I often think of the talk Elder Russel M. Ballard gave in the last General Conference that was directed to young mothers. He explained that we have our children for only fleeting percentage of their lives. I need to cherish every moment with my children, no matter how bad the day ends! I'm so glad to have Brinly in our lives.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Little Boy CURSE...

Okay, so Jay’s “little boy” curse is coming to pass! I’ll explain…my wonderful Father-in-law, Jay, has always thought we’ve had it too easy with our little Brinly and Cade, thus far---they have been too easy, so he says! Well, he has expressed that to us a few times, and now it is becoming evident that his curse is coming to pass. Yesterday, Jay called to say hello. After our conversation, I hung up the phone, went about my business…soon to hear a big THUD in the kitchen. I come running down to see what was going on. No blood, no crying…just Cade saying “Uh-oh” in is very cute little toddler way, while standing in front of the open dishwasher that is full of water and an UN-potted plant! Not just any plant, one of Shane’s bonsai trees---which has gravel for dirt!! Apparently, Cade had had the dishwasher on and running prior to opening it and placing the contents of the plant into it! AHHHH!!! I literally screamed. Here my---not even mine, my landlord’s---dishwasher is full of gravel, down into the filter and who-knows-how deep- with a good three inches of now murky, muddy water. I start scooping out the rocks and begin to salvage the remnants of the plant (which actually survived the experience). I have never known a dishwasher so intimately. After about 45 minutes of de-rocking the bottom of the dishwasher and taking apart the filter, I realize Cade is now emptying the garbage across the kitchen floor. Oh man, I was really loosing it at that point…I mean, no patience was left in me. Then I hear Brinly crying upstairs…so I decide I probably should check on her and surrender my handy-woman attempts for the moment. I go upstairs to learn she locked herself in the bathroom—not with the lock on the door, but the bathroom rug was so bunched up that she nor I could open the door (it was stuck under the door, acting as a door stopper). After a few moments of coaxing, she finally got it out and obtained her freedom…and then I saw that my almost 4 year old daughter had unraveled the roll of toilet paper across the bathroom, and decorated it in a crepe paper fashion. LOVELY.
Anyway, Shane later came home and worked on cleaning the remainder of the dishwasher for several hours. CRAZY day. I went and bought a child-proof lock for the dishwasher. It worked well the remainder of yesterday and most of today, until Cade BROKE IT. Yeah…his invincibility is shining through. If anyone has any suggestions for a garbage that is childproof and a dishwasher lock, I’d be more than thrilled to be let in on the secrets!
So, Jay, I have to say THANK YOU! Your dream of my understanding of what little boys are like has been fulfilled. And, now I will plead---PLEASE UNDO YOUR CURSE! Ha, I’m sure I’ll look back on these days and laugh…but I haven’t quite reached that point yet. But I thought I would share.
And yes, our dishwasher is working just fine, thank Heavens!