Sunday, March 28, 2010

PartVI- Day 2 & 3

Our second and third day were pretty good...until, well, you'll see. But we stopped at a train station- A REAL TRAIN STATION- to Cade's udder astonishment! He LOVED it to say the least. We didn't ride any train, just walked around and checked them out.

(yes, that was a no-make-up day...and a rough pervious night look:)

Stopped at the familiar Lincoln monument near Lincoln, NE.

Here we are int he times:) (well, mostly).

Goodbye Part V- On the Road

Our first day on the road was a smooth one. We stopped in Wyoming...(these pictures are out of order, but I can't seem to move them for some reason).
The end of the day- fun swimming! Our hotel as lovely- nice bed...Hampton Inn is the way to go.

We stopped at Little America- yummy icecream.

This is the official good-bye. Yep, it was sad. Don't like thinking about it...sniff, sniff.

Driving through Logan Canyon was BEAUTIFUL! This is a picture of coming down towards Bear Lake...if you can see, the lake was completely covered by a blanket of clouds. It was really neat in person.

Goodbye Part IV- Loganites

Ok, it's time to get this posted! We said good bye in Logan, and Jami and Mom came up at the same it was SO great to see them again-though we had to say good bye again as well!
Jami was a good sport watching all the kids for us while we made one last trip to the temple (as we knew we wouldn't be able to make it as often here in MI- the closest one is 4.5 hours away). We were able to visit G'pa Stones. Doesn't he sparkle with joy!? What a wonderful spirit he has. Loved to see him. And I'm so sad I didn't get a picture of G'ma Stones with the kids!! I have really kicked myself for that slip-up! But she was great to see as well.

Cade enjoyed watching Grandma sew on her embrodery machine:) It has lots of buttons you know...Cade's favorite thing!

Our family (minus Adelle and adding cousin Addie), prior to Shane and I going to the temple.

I just thought that 4th North was GORGEOUS! It was all covered in a light covering of ice due to the inversion...and it was just magnificant...don't ya think? So Pretty, had to share.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Saying Goodbye Part III- Grandparent's Whicker

We enjoyed a day with the Grandparents Whicker. Aren't they such a happy couple! I think we wore grandpa out, after his hard day's work- but he's still smilin'!

Silly Cade.

Brinly took a likin' to her Great Grandma W.'s needle work. She was right next to her the entire day watching her work her magic with her fingers, thread, and needle.

So, Grandma got her her own little set of sewing cards to help her learn. She LOVED it! Brinly has a lot of sewing genes in her family, so this may ignite that flame!


Hulse Home- Goodbye's Continues...

After the Harward's we headed up to visit with Kathy and Scott before we headed north. Our trip felt so last minute...thanks for putting up with our planning! We did go to the SL visitor's center... that is always enjoyable and uplifting. I always come away from there with a redetermination to be a better mother, who teaches my children more directly and consistently the principles and doctrines of the gospel. This time was no different.
Here is Jaydon and Brinly with the Christus.

Here we are walking around the Conference Center- obviously, we were cold-- we have since adjusted somewhat to the Michigan winters (this was a rude awaking to the bitter winter from our tame Las Vegas winters). Kathy makes us look pretty wimpy in her little kids and I ready to go hike the glaciers:)
Cade found the trains...Geo, Geo Trax (as he calls them) are his number 1 favorite toy- fortunately, Jaydon was willing to let Cade go to town with them. He loved it.

Adelle, our little cutie, began crawling right before we left on our trip. This captures a little of her new found freedom of exploring. She really enjoyed the zippers on our suite cases. Cute girl.
Thanks for the great visit Hulse's! We miss you.