Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So, Cade has really enjoyed hats lately...and this shot was so dang cute, I had to include it. He is wearing Daddy's hat, and looks just adorable.

Zion, Beautiful Zion

We had another unique camping trip this week...our first to Zion National Park. It was actually quite enjoyable. The kids slept well and the weather was just perfect. The mountains and scenery are breathtaking. Mom, Dad, Lynds, and Katie joined us for a drive up the canyon and were very satisfied by the experience. I think they'll go back soon.

We saw more animal life than we anticipated, including the turkey's above. We also saw a deer, elk, a ram of some sort, squirrels, and many lizards. Interesting.

We managed to complete one 1.2 mile hike up to the lowest of three Emerald Pools. It was interesting hiking with two small you can see, Shane got quite the work out:) The entire hike took us about and hour and 1/2. It was quite the trek with these kids, but fun.

Afterwards, we found a large grassy area with an enormous shading tree to rest under. It was beautiful.

This is at the peak of our hike--the lower Emerald Pool and falls.

We utilized the free shuttle--we are waiting in the shade for it to arrive.

The famous arch in the canyon. The picture doesn't do it justice. Much of the canyon was just majestic.