Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Air Show

My USAF pride emerged as I, a military brat, husband, and two children, rode onto Nellis AFB with a bus full of Jr.ROTC cadets, a retired AF pilot Colonel, and a retired AF Sargent. Passing through those gates brought back many memories. Seeing the multitude of AF pilots strutting in their flight suits stirred a familiar feeling of belonging.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, though it was VERY loud. We never thought that we might need ear plugs, but the kids were really struggling with it (Brinly didn't like the noise at all and Cade would cry out of pure fear). So, we found a vendor that wasn't sold out, and paid $1/ set of ear plugs. Here is Cade sporting his while in awe of the airplanes....who he was talking b/c he was SURE that those noisy contraptions were making that noise to communicate to him! It was so cute.

Brinly wouldn't take her hands off her ears...ever! While napping, she still had her hands on her ears, with her ear plugs in:) We love her!!

To the right is mama and Cade, with the ever-so fashionable ear plugs:)

The S.D. Ford Missile...oh dear!

Grandpa and Cade..having a good time!

This was Brinly, Cade, and Shane's first Air Show.
Brinly and Daddy inside some large carrier...huge, eh!

Although our Brinly is adorable in this picture...this is something I would never want to mix. Such innocence in a machine of war (though it is also the means of peace at times as well...just thought there is a bit of irony here).

As we sat on the flight line, we watched the famous Thunderbirds demonstrate their skills in formation flying. It was really pretty amazing to watch, and even more amazing as my Dad explained how such moves physically effected the human body (like flying upside down...he said he hated doing that b/c it literally hurts).

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Dam Tour

We enjoyed a fun tour of the Hoover Dam on Saturday with Kathy (Shane's sister and fam), Scott, and Jaydon. It was really interesting, and the view was great! They are building a new freeway that goes OVER the dam, so there isn't so much traffic ON the actual dam. You can see the construction if you look closely. Anyway, it was quite interesting to learn how we are able to live comfortably in this desert environment. Thank Heaven's for so many people's sacrafices so that our little family could enjoy eletricity of every kind, and plenty of drinking water! We are so blessed.My cute hubby and son smiling on the Dam!

Shane, Scott, Kathy, and kids in a tunnel 50 stories underground next to the dam. Pretty neat.

Brinly and Shane generating electricity for the comupterized household.

Cade really enjoyed the tour, as you can see:)

Brinly and cousin Jaydon enjoyed the tour inbetween naps in the stroller:) Building memories...

Trick or Treat Innocence...

I got to thinkin', and the only thing about Halloween and it is a strange tradition! If anybody has any insights on where all the silly little traditions came from, I'd be interested in knowing. The part that I enjoyed is displayed right here! My two cute kids dressed up, though Cade HATED his costume, as expressed here! It only lasted a few seconds. Brinly loved her little Piglet and had fun trick-or-treating at our local outdoor shopping center. Very fun.

Afterward, we passed out candy, and Cade discovered this! HA, it was great fun.

Brinly, Cade and Shane enjoying the spooking little maze at the shopping area. What a cute Daddy!

Fambly Fun


Brinly, Cade, and Addie having a grand ol' time in the port-a-crib at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They really had a good time together.

We had a great time last weekend at Mom and Dad's...and Jami, James, and Addi were able to meet us there. Cade took a likin' to his auntie Jami:)

We went to Lynds' and Dad's highschool and watche an excellent rendition of the Wizard of Oz. And my Aunt Rache pulled a surprise visit and came with us. Good memories!