Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun Photo

I thought this was a pretty cute picture. Cade loves his baths, though they have not been nearly as fun since Brinly cannot bathe with him anymore (due to her reoccurring UTI's). Nonetheless, he still enjoys it, as you can see.

Happy 1st Birthday (posted 2 months late)

Cade is a big 1 year old boy. Unbelievable! We were lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Ford here to enjoy the festivities. He was a little worried about getting his fingers dirty, but eventually tested the cupcake out. Maybe he's like his dad and won't like cake...crazy, I know.

Just needed a little help from sister, Brinly.


Birthday present fun:)

My new addiction...don't laugh.

Well, I am totally into food storage lately! Seriously, I get EXCITED about stocking up my food! I bought 300 lbs. of rice and 250 lbs. of wheat last Monday, and felt SO satisfied. Honestly, I'm on a roll...we are NOT going to be hungry when famine strikes! If you have any good recipes to share using whole grains or any kind of "bulk" food storage item, I'd love for you to share:)

My cute Brinly...

So, I have the cutest little girl. She is hilarious at times, utterly sweet at others, and completely dramatic even more:) We love her so much though. She is definitely a light in our lives.

A great big sister!

This was hilarious. She wanted to prove helpful, so she found an elmers purple gluestick to repair our broken chair. She came to us BEAMING with pride!

She always wants to be like her daddy! Shane is playing with his new handheld computer (PDA) while Brinly found my old school Palm to do the same.

Do you have a green thumb?

Building our "box garden".

Gardening runs in Shane's family. His mom is a PRO! Seriously, really good. We have enjoyed gardening throughout our marriage, and left behind our most successful one in Harrisonburg, VA. Though we are now living in the DESERT, we are attempting to grow a few meager vegetables and one pot of strawberries. This was the beginning. Currently, we have lettuce growing successfully...nothing else. Everything has sprouted, but nothing has born fruit. We need some pointers, badly!

Shane's new idea is hydroponics...maybe the desert will be more giving if we use that route. We are open to suggestions!

Cade's First Hair Cut

Ok, so I'd never cut hair before I married Shane. His family has a tradition of home I married into the family and was immediately initiated with a lesson of how to cut "Shane Davis Ford's hair. After many years of grouchy, argumentative, and unsuccessful hair cutting sessions, I have finally begun to feel at "peace" with my abilities to cut his hair, and his hair ONLY.

So, as I realized my cute little son's hair was smothering his adorable little ears, I panicked! Well, not exactly, but I definitely had some anxiety about cutting another male's head of hairs. Fortunately, he was quite cooperative...though it wasn't the best hair cut ever, it wasn't too bad either. Maybe after 25 years of cutting male hair, I'll be decent:)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Beautiful View

I was looking out the window one day in January, and saw this...I thought it was just breath-taking and awesome to see the way the clouds were literally engulfing the mountains. It's the best landscape I've seen here. Haven't seen it since, but was glad I caught it.

Crazy about my kids

My kids, as most, have some serious emotional extremes. Fortunately, we were able to document some of them:)
Poor Baby, but so cute.
Cade has been making this face whenever I tell him he can't do something or stop, anything negative...I thought it was just hilarious that a little 11 month old (at the time) could show such dramatic facial expressions. FUNNY!

Look at those brows!

Brinly's seriously silly side:) Love her.

What are you doing Dad...I see you!