Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grandpa Stones

Grandpa Stones, me and Adelle Jan. 2010

Well, I think it finally hit me last night that Grandpa passed. I was making a written list of memories…and it made me miss him. He will definitely be missed. Such a wonderful man. I love him.
My very first memory of him includes driving up to the Texaco station after a long drive from California or TX with him standing outside of the station store doorway. We always knew there was a treat involved when we saw Grandpa first thing! He was a very giving person. He always set up the swings for us whenever we arrived at the house, and we so looked forward to the swings! It was always fun to watch him open the mysterious shed in the back of the house- chuck full of exciting unknown items- just waiting to be explored (though we never did, until I was in college b/c if I recall correctly, it was usually locked). Even when we twirled those swings until the chains broke, Grandpa never got after us. He quietly made his way to the shed or his notoriously messy truck to retrieve the needed tools and repaired them.
One time, when the back room was just completed, minus the carpet and possibly the dry wall. Tara and I were probably only 3 or 4, maybe 5 and we decided to start chalking all over the cement foundation/floor. Grandpa sat there in his very well known jumpsuit, didn’t say anything to us, so we thought it was ok- though when Grandma arrived on the scene, we were out of luck! He was pretty laid back.
The image of Grandpa contains several dominate characteristics- his wonderfully happy and sparking eyes that would often get misty when you told him you loved him or said goodbye. Then his wonderful laugh where his entire body chuckled in sync with his laughs. It was perfectly contagious. He loved genuinely and tenderly.
I had the opportunity to live with Grandma and Grandpa for a year while I attended Utah State from August 1998- May 1999. During that time, all the wonderful characteristics of Grandpa were made even more evident. He always tried to give me money when I went on a road trip (along with the numerous bags of food from Grandma)or even sometimes when I went out for an evening. He never refused a treat. He loved his bolo ties, stayed up late watching Johnny Carson reruns, always left his evidence of mechanic work on the bar soap, hesitated to talk about his war days, and always gave wonderful hugs goodnight.
I will always remember Grandpa Stones with gentle tender love, the love he always showed. I will definitely miss him, but know that I will see him again. I look forward to that day. I love you Grandpa!

This picture was taken in January of 2010- the last time I saw Grandpa. I’m thankful we took pictures.

Lastly, I hope his dear wife is fairing well. It must be very, very difficult to lose a spouse. Thinking about you Grandma!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chicken Coop Complete!

The chicken coop and pin are complete!  We all chipped in and the kids and I painted, and Shane reinforced the pin to be totally unpenitratable!  Nothing will get in or out of this bad boy:)  Now our two remaining hens will have a lovely home to lay their yummy eggs!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fall Harvest

Our fall harvest, likely to be the best harvest ever for us.  We made applesauce and apple juice from our apple orchard.
 The kids enjoyed helping, until we broke the borrowed victorio strainer...yikes. 
 Veggies, and fruits from the garden!  Hooray!  So very satisfying.
 Completed applesauce.
 Completed peaches (we picked these at a local orchard and froze our peaches from our trees).
 Fresh salsa, jarred and stored.  It is a yummy recipe.