Thursday, March 27, 2008

Are you my mother?

This is the funniest thing that most people don't get to experience in this life but Tara, my twin sister, and I do with our children--mother confusion. Often, when we are together, while holding our own infant offspring, the other "mother" walks by within reaching distance and our own child starts to cry while desperately trying to get to "their mother". And don't think that the older children, even the almost 6 year old isn't confused...on many occasions, they would come up to one of us, look at our face very inquisitively, and ask with hesitation, "Are you my mother?" Hilarious!!

You decide!:)

Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa W.'s

Christmas was a wonderful family affair, with only one minor illness (Cade ear infection). Tara's family flew out for the occasion, last minute...and even Andy was able to join us for a few days, but had to leave Christmas evening. It was a lot of craziness in one house, though Tara's family stayed at Mom and Dad's generous friend's empty home accross the street (literally) for part of the time. Jami's family was there as well. It made for some good memories. Thank heaven's for Family!!

Dad had his bone graft surgery a few days prior to Christmas. We hoped this would be the last step...future events proved otherwise.

Ali called on Christmas as well. It was amazing to hear her voice. She sounded very mature and full of light. She bore her testimony to us and talked about how blessed we are. Which is so true. Even though I feel like we live in humble circumstances, we would be considered one of the wealthiest people in most countries in this world. How blessed we are to have so much physically, and yet even more so, spiritually. I am so grateful for the blessings of the understanding of gospel of Jesus Christ, which allows me to teach my children the purpose and proper perspective of this life, with high morals and standards, and love. It also provides me with a firm foundation to build not only my children on, but my marriage. I am so blessed to have a husband that shares this same perspective.

OH, how Christmas brings out the best in people!

Grandparent fun!

There were some tender moments with the kids and their Grandma and Grandpa.

Grandpa was tackled by the tickle monsters, Tyler and Audrie. Brinly just watched in concern as her broken-leged grandpa was defending himself.

Cute Grandma knows just how to cuddle her grandkid's to sleep. This was the day we arrived, Cade was worn out from the traveling.

Tender, sweet smiles from Dad and Kaylee.


Ok, no one probably even checks to see if I've posted anything new anymore b/c I haven't for so long. Sorry, life has it's priorities!:) I'm still going to try to go back and update for my own interest the last few months. So, here goes.