Friday, April 30, 2010

Sleepin' & Eatin'

Does this little dress remind you of anyone? Ali, this was yours...and in your honor, she also has no hair:) These kids must have been really tired this week. They both fell asleep while eating! I always think this is so cute.

Sleeping Cade. Now, who does this remind you of? I think he looks A LOT like Tyler in this picture!

Mom would die if she had been here, but Adelle thoroughly enjoyed her first meal of spaghetti, as documented below! What a mess!!

Pretty darn cute if you ask me!

Cade's 3rd Birthday

Cade was thrilled to have a BLUE birthday, as he called it. We had blue cupcakes, he was in Heaven. He literally is a little OCD when it comes to blue. He literally will separate anything blue and has to have them all to himself (for example, when he plays blocks, he takes all the blue ones and builds with those ONLY, and if anyone else takes any, he has a royal fit!). Opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa Ford.

Construction, here he comes!

My little boy turned 3! Hard to believe. He is a joy to be around. He talks like crazy and has since he was 18 months. He always has funny questions and stories. He is a very tender and loving little boy. He is forever telling me he loves me and giving me all the most random moments (and sometimes very convenient, like when he's in trouble):). We are so glad to have him around!!! Happy Birthday Cade.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Our New Home

This is our new home (no matter how temporary, it is still our home- I've had to teach myself this). We will be here at until mid-July at least. The front room:
The walkway from the front room/front door:

The family room and kitchen:

I didn't get pictures of the rest of the house, but there is an unfinished basement (which is WONDERFUL for the kids to run around in), a guest room on the main floor, dining room (which we use as an office), and the upstairs bedrooms. We've enjoyed it and hope we can stay longer!

Valentines (yes, I'm behind)

Shane was wonderful on Valentine's Day. He made an EXCELLENT dinner- grilled bacon-wrapped shrimp! (making my mouth water just writing about it!) And as you can see he had lovely decor, including a beautiful orchid plant (which just last it's last petal- a month and 1/2 later). It was a fun Sunday. Handsome Cade ready for church.

Shane and I.

Cute little family I have!

The fun whole wheat Valentine's cake:) It was pretty good, but has more of a crumble texture than regular cake. Next time I won't make it so big.

Beautiful Winter

The stark contrast of life here in northern Michigan to Las Vegas is represented here in these postcard, picture perfect winter scene. Isn't it beautiful?! This are pictures looking out our front door and out the back door. Mind you, it was DEFINITELY COLD...and we are still adjusting to that, but it was beautiful. We arrived here in time to experience about 2 weeks of a true North Michigan winter. It was pleasant, even though we don't own a slow blower and Shane had to shovel our driveway almost every morning:) We'll definitely have to invest in one for next year...we'll see how we fair for an entire winter!?

We MADE IT! Finally.

Needless to say, we were all very grateful to make it to our destination!

Adelle was probably happier than anyone to get out of her seat! Look at that "crunchy" face, as Cade has dubbed it:) (she now has four top teeth)

Our first glimpse of Alpena.

The road to our home with a cute little covered bridge.

Almost there....

Shane and I treckin' along... We stopped at our old home in Nebraska to check it out for Mom and Dad. It was VERY nostalgic! Fun to reminisce, for sure. And, as tradition continues, we got a flat tire. Yes, they aren't very "exciting" anymore, honestly, they are getting old:) This one set us back about a day, but all-in-all we were very blessed that it was nothing more than a rear flat tire....and we were close to a walmart:)

Shane was a good sport about changing the tire in the FREEZING cold and wind! Fortunately, it didn't take too long and the kids stayed content in the car.
This made me laugh. This little guy got to sit shotgun the ENTIRE trip from LV to Alpena! HA! I was in the back with the kids most of the time, occasionally driving.
Oh, the love my Shane has for plants! Sadly, it did not make it, nor did any of our was the end of Shane's bonsai hobby. :(