Saturday, August 22, 2009

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Dad is the Coolest...seriously.

My Dad 1988 ready to complete mission.

So, my father is a retired AF pilot. He flew several different aircraft during his career- including the U2 spyplane, aka the Lady Dragon (b/c it was so difficult to fly & land). While completinga 3 yr assignment in England, I remember one afternoon walking home from school with my Dad and attempting to explain my utter amazment that he was actually getting PAID to fly airplanes! I just thought, how cool that was b/c it must be so exciting and down right fun to fly a plane- and getting paid for it was just this wonderful bonus to the experience:)
Anyway, he would come home with different parts of his flight suit- his helmet and gloves are what I remember specifically (and one other item that was a mystery to us at the time- my dear sisters would remember that, ha!).
This video was recently discovered of a real U2 flight. It reafirmed my "My Dad is the coolest" mentality! You have GOT to watch it. The only difference is usually there is only one cockpit- the one in the video must be a trainer plane. Seriously, watch it-here is: