Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Came To Town

Proud to say we have one child who would sit with Santa without bawling at this age! She was perfectly content and smiling even. Who would'a thunk?:)
Cade hugging Santa. He really was a cute Santa.

Brinly was really into it this year. She sat and talked to Santa for several minutes, despite the line behind us!

Merry Christmas!

I couldn't leave out Shane's amazing accomplishment this year. He decked the house with boughs of lights that we've been hauling around for 7 years:). Doesn't it look great!!



1. Strong Winds
2. Heavy Snow
3. Low Temperature

Difference between snowstorm and blizzard- the gusting winds.

Our blizzard cancelled church this morning, and so far has cancelled one day of school (tomorrow). Brinly's first snow day ever! FUN! Now, lets see how stir crazy we get:). Shane still has work, boo-hoo. But he's enjoying our new snowblower! Now, we need to get a winter survival car kit put together for both cars. We REALLY need that here!

Anyway, these are pictures of our recent fun.