Monday, January 28, 2008

Christmas, here we come...

Let the festivities begin! We had the honor of having Mom and Katie visiting to help us put up our Christmas tree (yes, we have an artificial one). Brinly was proud to be apart of it!

Katie, helping with a smile:)

One tradition we are trying to begin, is to collect Nativity's for the kids to put up each year. Here is Brinly carefully unwrapping and placing the few sets we currently have. She really enjoyed them this year. What is that funny thing hangin' on the door? Cade was very curious about the Santa hanging on our door knob. He loved the feeling of the crazy beard--all season long.

I LOVE this picture! I was having the kids pose, but it just wasn't working. Cade just couldn't keep that funny thing on his head:) But we finally got this shot. Adorable!

Curious Cade...

Cade has learned to enjoy toilet paper! Ha, it makes for some fun clean up when we forget to close the bathroom doors:) If you notice the burp cloth tied around his neck...well, he was drooling SO much because he couldn't breath through his cute little nose while he had RSV, that we had to do something to keep him from soaking through multiple outfits each day (bibs just weren't doing the job).

He wanted to help Daddy put up our last curtain rod. What a good helper:)

Though this makes me nervous, Cade loves to this mirror. (It isn't very securely hung)

What is this contraption? Entertained by his car seat...who needs toys?


Alright, I know I am super slow at this posting, but this is where it all began. Right after Thanksgiving, the illnesses began. Cade was diagnosed with RSV and his 5th ear infection. We started the Christmas season with sleepless nights and exhausting days. Soon, thereafter, Brinly became ill, followed by me...and we are just now FINALLY feeling healthy (though we still are coughing a bit). Terrible stuff! Anyway, I am trying to catch up, so things will seem a bit out of date. Enjoy!

I didn't do anything...

So, Brinly has been testing different aspects of my discipline skills lately--mainly, bullying her brother. This isn't typical, but I thought this picture definitely appropriately shows how she has been thinking. We love her!! She does love her brother, but sometimes forgets she is not the only child anymore (though it has been almost 11 months).

I know, I know...

Ok, so I have the cutest kids ever:) They have so much fun at tub-time, I just had to document it. Brinly can be a bit of a bully these days, but despite that fact, Cade still loves playing with his sister in the you can see. I love these kids. They bring such joy into my life--I am so blessed. What an honor to be a mother (I just need to remember that at those moments of severe exhaustion and frustration!!).