Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Juicing Continued

Next, put your grapes in your steam juicer. Wait patiently for them to cook down.... Drain the juice into a sterilized jar.Process the jars for 5 minutes (I have a steam canner).
Allow the jars to cool 24 hours before storing.

There you have it. Simple, cheap, nutritious grape juice.

Grapes of Wrath...

Not really...it is SO easy to make grape juice! Seriously, here's how it's done:

First, have a great time picking whatever type of grapes you have access too (these are concord in early fall):

Elbow Grease

So, here is the inside in a nutshell. It tooks some serious work to get it all put together, and obviously, it isn't quite tidy:). I don't have any curtains up yet, but eventually....
Living Room

Dining Area
Pantry (yippee...still working on organizing it all)

Mud Room (much needed for these parts in the winter)

We Moved...AGAIN...

Well, to our dismay, the beautiful home we were renting sold and we were forced to move. In our little town rentals are HARD to come by...especially ones made for a family of 5. We were very fortunate to find anything that was built later than the early 1900's! This house isn't our dream house and has had it's issues from the getgo, but we are very grateful for it.

I have to say, every time I drive up to it the Brady Bunch theme song starts playing in my head...anybody else get that impression from this house??

It is on a large piece of property (large from my experience) that some time prior was an apple orchard. It now has at least 7 apple trees, 2 peach trees, a couple cherry trees, a pear tree, a grape vine (which I made grape juice from- will document later), and possibly a plum tree- though we're not sure about that one.