Sunday, April 22, 2012

Easter Eggcitment

Easter is such a wonderful holiday, that I feel gets overlooked sometimes.  I actually enjoy the simplicity of it that allows us to really ponder it's meaning.  The love of our Savior is immense and wonderful. 
We had a lovely Easter.  Simpler than some, but enough for us.  The kids enjoyed waking up to their Easter baskets- googies, new duds, and a few homemade toys. 
 All my cute kids in their new outfits.  Look at that love!
 Easter dinner.  Man, I'm HUGE.   Please don't judge:)  I was 36 weeks prego...this was three weeks ago...LARGE is all around:). 
 We had our Easter egg hunt for Family Home Evening on Monday night.  The kids had a blast.  It was quite chilly though. 
 To make it more exciting, Cade decided to split his eye open following the egg hunt.  He was goofing around (VERY unusual-ha!) and hit his head on the little rocking chair in the front room.  It was a mess.  Fortunately, Shane was home...otherwise I would have definitely made an ER trip.  Shane had some surgical tape, so he just taped it up and it's healed nicely now. Boys will be boys!!
 Final bandage:)  Ha, ha...makes me laugh just thinking about it!  Shane used co-ban to keep the gauze on.  Cade loved it.


Hart Family said...

Cam, you look great. We just don't get the skinny pregnant genes! HA! Pregnant all around...but the good thing is it always comes off. So don't worry. You are almost done :)

Hart Family said...

BTW if anyone is reading this I am her twin, and we are exactly the same when we are I'm not being insensitive, just empathetic on a very real level :)

Cami said...

Hahahahahha! That is too funny, but I guess you're right, anyone that didn't know could think you are just being insensitive:). Made me giggle though. And I am not offended in the slightest...if anyone was wondering!