Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter and Valentine's Day 2012

 Winter this year was much more tame compared to the previous winter's we have experienced here.  But we did have a few whopper storms.  These are just a few pictures of our front yard and driveway. 

Pretty, isn't it?  We did lose electricity after one of the storms.  That isn't very comfortable due to the frigid temperatures we experience here.  Fortunately, we have an emergency kerosene heater.  We only had to use it for a few minutes before the electricity came back on:).
Stud of a man, Shane, snow blowing.  Need to document this, we may not be here forever.

The Ford's love FORTS.   Shane and the kids worked most of the winter building up this fort.  It didn't last long once it was completed (due to a record breaking week of crazy 80 degree weather in March), but we had fun with it while it lasted. 

 Valentine's day was fun.  The kids had more candy than they will ever need, but it was fun nonetheless. 

 Yummy, lovable breakfast:). 

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